Future estimation of unmeasured household consumption

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A robust estimate of the unmeasured household consumption is an essential component of Water Resource Management Plans, Business Plans and annual reporting.  As domestic revenue meter penetration increases, unmeasured household monitors are becoming more difficult to maintain.  The report’s objective was to identify suitable methods for the estimation of unmeasured consumption in the future.

The current best practice guidance has been reviewed, and in its current form does not contain sufficient guidance to allow companies to adapt their existing monitors to the changing level of metered properties.

Seven potential options for estimating the unmeasured household consumption have been identified that are suitable for circumstances where meter penetration is increasing.  These are all described in the report, and allow companies to develop a reducing cost solution to estimate unmeasured household consumption.

The report contains several recommendations where existing evidence and guidance needs to be strengthened or explored further. 



UKWIR Reference :- 17/WR/01/16Published Date :- 13/07/2017
Retail Price (£) :- 200ISBN :- 1 84057 830 0