Impact of Urban Creep on Sewerage Systems

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Urban Creep is the loss of permeable surfaces within urban areas creating increased runoff which contributes to flooding and other problems.
This was the first large scale study in the UK and high resolution aerial imagery from two periods for five sample locations (Leicester, Maidstone, Chester, Norwich and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) was used with each sample area covering 100 sq km. Advanced processing technology was used to identify changes in paved and roof areas. This technique was particularly successful in identifying changes in rear gardens which in previous studies was not accessible.
In total over 34,900 samples were analysed, equating to about 2 million properties, and it was found that the average rates of urban creep were between 0.4 and 1.1 sq m/house/year depending on the city. A sophisticated statistical analysis of multiple variables was undertaken and the results enable modellers to predict the urban creep and increases in flooding for years ahead.



UKWIR Reference :- 10/WM/07/14Published Date :- 21/04/2010
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 Impact of Urban Creep on Sewerage Systems