Research and Innovation Mapping Study for the UK Water Research and Innovation Framework

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This report was commissioned as part of work towards a UK Water Research & Innovation Framework (UKWRIF) in collaboration with UKCDS and LWEC. It comprises a high level overview and synthesis of recommendations from key policy and research reports relevant to the UK's potential contribution to UK and global water security.
The team of 14 water experts from industry and academia who contributed to the report found evidence to suggest increasing concern in water security and an associated need for innovative and affordable solutions. The complex issues cover a wide range of political, social, environmental and technical challenges.
Water security in the UK is significantly impacted by our imported, global water footprint and is inextricably linked to food and energy security and long term urban planning. A UK framework providing leadership and direction for delivering research and innovation in the 6 priority sectors identified in this report is recommended to increase UK water security and economic growth opportunities in the global market.



UKWIR Reference :- 11/RG/10/6Published Date :- 01/08/2011
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