Climate Change Implications for Wastewater Treatment

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The project aims to identify: the likely impacts of cliimate change on the quantity and quality of wastewater within networks and hence the influent to treatment works; the extent to which climate changes will 'challenge' the operation of treatment works; and potential adaptation measures.
The approach taken differs from many as the starting point is the identification of 'system' design and/or performance thresholds; weather related changes driven by climate change factors are then used to assess the potential for exceedance of these thresholds. Where impacts have been identified, example adaptation measures and the capex/opex implications have been considered.
Having identified those processes/assets at risk, an adaptation framework has been developed that will provide companies with a mechanism to formulate their own adaptation strategies with a view to establishing, through monitoring, an evidence base for future investment.



UKWIR Reference :- 12/CL/12/1Published Date :- 11/07/2012
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