Resilience: Making a Business Case for PR14

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Resilience in the water industry can be defined as the ability of an asset or asset system to continue to withstand or to recover from the effects of an exceptional event such that acceptable service levels are maintained and/or restored quickly. This project aimed to supprt water companies in developing a business case for resilience at PR14 and beyond.
An extensive literature review was carried out. Natural and man-made hazards that could result in extreme risks were categorised and quantified and used to develop guidance covering: Resilience risk screening and assessment; Detailed resilience assessment; Implementation of resilience solutions.
The guidance adopts an iterative, risk-based approach to allow consistency with water company planning methodology and compliance with regulatory requirements. It includes advice on consultation with customers and stakeholders and on how resilience should be discussed.
This main report incorporates the full project report, full detail of the good practice approach and appendices including the literature review and case studies.
A summary report (13/RG/06/2) is available to provide a quick guide to the essential steps that companies might follow in developing resililence planning.



UKWIR Reference :- 13/RG/06/3Published Date :- 22/04/2013
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